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Manchester United’s One That Got Away

3 July 2012 by

A Familier Story??

Sir Alex has confirmed today that Paul Pogba Has in fact left us for Juventus,

Now am I the only one seeing a trend being set here? I know Ravel Morrison needed to go as his attitude betrayed his talent but Pogba by all accounts was headed for a bright future at United with glowing references from all at the club so what went wrong? What made him turn his back on us was it down to the lack of playing time, the contract offered Or a reason we may now never know I myself  have the feeling that it has come down to the lack of playing time he received or should I say lack of trust shown in his abilities by Sir Alex case in point the still painful 3-2 home loss to Blackburn while Pogba sat rooted to the bench we had Rafeal (right-back) and Park (jack of all trades) playing centre mid now in any players mind young or old that kind of snub is hard to accept although not one to question the great man often I found it baffling to say the least and found myself thinking if this great talent we have all heard about was not considered good enough by his manager to start against lesser premier league opposition then why would he want to stay?

Lets just hope the youngsters still at united do not follow on this same path and be given fair opportunity to prove themselves worthy of wearing the famous Red Shirt.



  • thedevilinred (author)

    Thanks mate stay tuned for next one

  • leonon

    Don’t forget young Ezequiel Freyers who has reportedly jumped ship to Tottenham now also, Ferguson built his career on blooding in youngsters, its surprising he didn’t give some of the talented United kids more opportunities.

  • thedevilinred (author)

    Yes leonon that’s very true it was sad to read that the day after writing this blog. I do think the threat of Manchester city has changed Sir Alex stance on blooding in youth and he wants instant success fryers in my mind was natural replacement to Evra now looks like that’s not gonna happen

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